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// Overview

We do a lot of riding at Scorpion Sports, so we know what we like in a helmet-and what we don't. When Scorpion Sports started, we decided that good enough just wasn't good enough. We wanted to make ScorpionExo® revolutionary, not evolutionary. So we started with a clean CAD-CAM screen, to make the most advanced, most user-friendly helmets we could.

// ECE 22.05 and Snell Certifications

A helmet's first job is helping to protect you in a crash. That's why every ScorpionExo® helmet**, for dirt or street, conforms to the ECE 22.05 (world standard) or Snell Foundation's (USA only) safety and quality standards-the most demanding helmet standards in the world.

**the EXO-400 is SNELL Certified except 3XL, all others are ECE Certified. The VX-9 is DOT only.

// The $600 Helmet

We build every ScorpionExo® helmet to some of the most rigid quality standards in the industry. Whether you choose a Fiberglass/Kevlar™ ScorpionExo® helmet or a Polycarbonate Composite ScorpionExo© helmet, you'll always know that it was designed and built by meticulous craftspeople, using the latest, most sophisticated technology, in one of the most modern, most cutting-edge helmet factories in the world.

Our state-of-the-art factory campus-"The Big Nest"-is the reason we can offer such amazing quality at such a reasonable price. Most other helmet companies farm out different pieces of their helmets to other companies-or just buy their helmets from another company and stick their own label on-, so they don't control exactly how-or how well-they were made. We make everything but our streetbike faceshields in our own controlled environment-and even the shields are made very close by, in an equally advanced and controlled facility. We know it's done right-because we do it ourselves. How good are ScorpionExo® helmets? Well, we like to put it this way.

What's the difference between a $600 helmet and a ScorpionExo® helmet?

About four hundred bucks.

//TCT® (Thermodynamic Composite Technology)

Developed exclusively by Scorpion, the TCT® shell material is a proprietary blend of fiberglass, Kevlar® and organic poly-resin fibers to create an extremely light and durable shell matrix. Similar material is used extensively in the aerospace industry because of its combination of strength, light weight, abrasion resistance and superior energy dispersion properties. Scorpion’s TCT® shell design embraces all of these critical qualities to create a lightweight feature-rich helmet and takes a bold step towards a higher standard of performance, function and durability

// Fiberglass/Kevlar™ Construction

“Every FiberGlass/Kevlar™ ScorpionExo® Helmet is laid up by hand, over a 4C grade, chrome-coated, precisely heated carbon steel mold, after the fabric has been computer-cut and the polyurethane resin has been carefully weighed,” an airbag inside the mold ensures that the resin completely saturates the fabric, giving the best ratio of strength to weight. After the molding process, each helmet shell is carefully measured for uniform thickness—and thus uniform strength.”

Polycarbonate Composite Helmets “ScorpionExo® Polycarbonate Composite Helmet shells are made from a mix of several space-age materials. Basically, it’s the same stuff used in jet-fighter canopies, so you know it’s very tough, and very resilient. We make it into a helmet shell in an advanced process called thermo-set injection molding.”

// Fit and Finish

"The TCT®(Thermodynamic Composite Technology), Fiberglass/Kevlar™, and Polycarbonate Composite helmets are finished to the same exacting standards, using a futuristic, conveyor-equipped clean-room painting process. We then apply our high-quality water decals, to make each helmet design come alive in exciting colors and patterns. And then each helmet is clear-coated with a glass-smooth protective coating, over both the paint and the decals, ensuring a long-lasting, highly durable finish. How hard is our clear-coat finish? Well, in most cases, if your ScorpionExo® helmet picks up a streak or mark, say from accidentally rubbing a wall in your house, the streak will come right off using common automotive polishing compound. In other words, the helmet finish is harder and more durable than most surfaces or finishes it will ever contact."

// EXO-1000 Video

Scorption Sports EXO-1000

The EXO-1000 is equipped with incredibly innovative new products; the HelmetPump™ permits a rider to personalize helmet fit through air adjustable cheek pads and the SpeedView™ retractable sun visor eases eye strain instantly in varying light conditions without changing face shields. "Here are just two more reasons Scorpion EXO helmets represent the best performance for your money on the market" says Eric Anderson; Scorpion Sports, VP of Sales.

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// SpeedShift™ Shield Technology

Scorption Sports SpeedShift™

When street riding, most ordinary helmets make you crazy when you want to change a faceshield. “Pull this, yank that, insert tab A into slot B. You know the drill—you need a degree in mechanical engineering to put on a clear shield. When we designed ScorpionExo’s™ street helmets, we knew we had to make changing shields fast, clean, simple and easy.

Well, we did it. We call it the SpeedShift™ system, and it lets anyone—or even Eric, the Main Arachnid—change a shield in under ten seconds. With gloves on. You can even do it without taking off the helmet: you just pop the shield all the way up, twist the SpeedShift™ pivots, and peel off the shield. Pop the new one on, and you’re back on the road.”

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// EverClear™ No-Fog Faceshield

Scorption Sports EverClear™

We also wanted to prevent fogging the faceshield in the rain, or on a humid night—‘cause if you can’t see well, you can’t ride well. So we developed the EverClear™ anti-fog coating—it keeps your clear shield clear, even when you’re breathing heavy. In the middle of the night in a Willow Springs endurance race, dragging your knee at 140 mph, you just might find yourself breathing heavy.

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// Aerodynamics/Ventilation

Scorption Sports Aerodynamics/Ventilation

“Helmet Aerodynamics are crucial. I’ve road raced with helmets that lift at high speeds—and that’s no fun at all. Going 180 mph at Daytona is tough enough—the last thing I want is a helmet that’s trying to yank my head up.

So when we designed ScorpionExo® helmets, we went right to Dan Gurney’s All American Racers’ IndyCar wind tunnel. We fine-tuned the helmet shapes, and their ventilation systems, until we got it right.”

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// KwikWick™ Liners

Scorption Sports KwikWick™

Racing and riding hard can be very strenuous, and we know when racing, on dirt or pavement, staying cooler, longer is one of the keys to winning. And that’s why we insisted that every ScorpionExo™ helmet be designed with special KwikWick™ liners, which draw sweat away from your skin, and help it evaporate as fast as possible. Evaporation is what does the actual cooling, but if the sweat is stuck to your skin, there’s no air circulating to evaporate it. KwikWick™ dissipates the sweat throughout the liner material, letting the flow-through ventilation do its job—and keeping you cooler, dryer and more comfortable.

Of course, after a few rides or races, any helmet can get pretty rank inside. Which is why every ScorpionExo® helmet liner can be popped right out and tossed in the washing machine, helping you—and your helmet—stay fresher, longer. When people at the racetrack say I was going like stink, we want them to mean it in a good way.

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