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Dean McDermott, co-star of the Tori & Dean show featured on the Oxygen Channel, isn't your average Hollywood TV celebrity. He's as much a motorcycle enthusiast as the rest of us. He's been riding bikes since the ripe age of 12 and recently got the urge to take to the race track. So we hooked him up with a full-custom race suit and helmets to get the job done. He now has his WERA racing license and has been chiseling his knee-dragging skills ever since. He's getting faster and part of that process is tossing the bike along the way. He's walked away from 2 crashes. One at low speed and another at over 100mph when the front end pushed out. Take a journey through Dean's trials and tribulations in trying to balance family and his need for speed by browsing through the below video's and tune in to the new season of "Tori & Dean - Home Sweet Hollywood" on the Oxygen Channel (click the above ad banner for more information on the Tori & Dean show).
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// Season 5:
Tori & Dean butt heads over the dangers of Dean's racing.
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Dean picks up his new race bike and trailer with custom designed ScorpionExo® graphics.
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Family tragedy causes Dean to miss the Las Vegas race while friends Scott & Santiago go racing.
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// Season 4:
Motorcycle Talk:
Dean brings up the idea of starting a racing career to Tori
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A Day At The Races:
Tori takes Liam to the speedway to watch Dean.
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Tori, May I Ride With Danger?
Before getting dialed in with his Scorpion ExoWear™ Dean invites Tori to Fontana Speedway to show her what sportbike racing is all about.
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Dean's Crash:
While practicing at Fontana Speedway in California Dean has his first get off.
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The End of Track Days:
Tori surprises Dean in Calgary and the family is reunited for a brief few days. Dean finishes on Santa Baby 2 and returns home, but quickly he's back to the racetrack. His need for speed pushes the limits and the results are shocking!
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Preview Episode 407:
See what's coming next on Tori & Dean.
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