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/ media / ScorpionExoWear Tested at SportRider Magazine.

ATGATT: All The Gear All The Time. Surely you've heard the Acronym before, and for good reason - you never know when fate might bite you. Such was the case one morning when FNG Troy was on his normal morning commute to the SR office in Los Angeles. Mix in a bit of fate with a dose of bad luck, a cup of complacency and a dash of driver on cell phone and you get a recipe that is perfect for putting gear through the ultimate test. in this case it was the Scorpion Deuce pant we had in these pages last month.
The New Guy fell at approximately 60 mph, sliding mostly on his bum, trying to avoid said cell-phone driver as he suddenly decided to occupy the same piece of real estate. Amazingly, the Stinger jacket came away from the scene without a scratch, The same couldn't be said for the Deuce. Before we get to the damage, here's a quick refresher of the Deuce's features. It's a mesh riding pant that fits more like a comfortable apir of jeans, and its mesh construction provides ample airflow, especially without the liner. Protection comes in the form of CE-approved articulated armor in the knee and hip areas. We originally questioned the effectiveness of the armor in the Deuce because the patn is meant to have a losser fit, meaning the armor won't be snug against the skin (like in Leathers). Sure enough, after taking the tumble, the next morning revealed minor skin irritation and brusing in both the knee and hip areas from the padding rubbing against the skin. Nothing major - little bumps and bruises are expected.
What was more alarming was the fact that the pant wore completely through the backside, leaving a hole about the size of a baseball. That left the inner removable liner as the only barrier between tush and tarmac. To it's credit, not a bit of road rash was found on Troy's body, despite his newly created ventilation hole. And the only brusing was to his ego. As with most warm-weather riding apparel, especially that with mesh construction, the Deuce patns are definitely a "one-'n'-done" affair.

Overall, not much more can be asked for from a pair of mesh riding pants. it's a big step above denim, and it did its job of keeping the roadway off Troy's body so he was able to get up and walk away. Though the baseball-sized hole is disheartening, such is to be expected from mesh/textile garments grinding on the ground. The addition of Kevlar would help in its tear resistance, and we'd like to see shin protection in future models. And thought nobody likes to go down, it's nice to know that Scorpion products are (to copy their own press material) "Designed and manfactured to literally save your butt."

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