News / media / Reviews the EXO-700 Neon Helmet.


/ media / Reviews the EXO-700 Neon Helmet.

Scorpion recently sent us a production Neon so we could take a closer look, and this is our report.
Why all the coverage on the EXO-700, a helmet that we first reviewed way back in December of 2004? Well, it's all about the color...

We've been promoting the use of bright and highly visible colors for motorcycle clothing and accessories since the very beginning of webBikeWorld in 1999. Motorcyclists need all the visibility they can get, whether it's from lighting, clothing, reflective stickers and decals or helmets, and many of our reviews and articles explicitly or implicitly address this issue.

We want to publicly thank and congratulate Scorpion for making the EXO-700 in this Neon color and we hope it's just the beginning of a new color revolution! Let's hope also that other manufacturers will take up the challenge -- there can never be too many exciting, brilliant and safe motorcycle helmet colors...

For example, there are many interesting patterns that can be created with retro-reflective materials (and we have a very interesting example of that coming soon); paints and -- how about this -- even electro-luminescent helmet shells?

In the meantime, the Scorpion EXO-700 Neon features a blazing lime-green-yellow paint that honestly looks like it glows just when you need it most -- dark morning and evening twilight commutes. These are the conditions where the lime-green-yellow safety color really pops.

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