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/ media / Reviews the XDR Commander Jacket.

The long-distance riding market is one of the toughest in all of motorcycling to crack, because the customers for this type of gear are very fussy, demanding, knowledgeable and not afraid to do what it takes to obtain products that work.
Long distance, all-weather riders, 'round the world adventure-touring types, Iron Butt riders and even couriers and year-round commuters know the value of the good stuff.

Can the Scorpion XDR Commander jacket satisfy this sharp crowd?

The competition for your hard-earned dollars has never been hotter, and this is fantastic news for motorcyclists! I'll be the first to admit that I mistakenly did not take them seriously at first, but Scorpion has proven to me that they are very serious indeed at providing excellent motorcycle clothing and helmets at very competitive price points.

They've also raised the bar with the XDR series, and the Commander jacket I think is a winner. They must have done their homework on this one -- it's not just another 3/4-length jacket thrown out there just to say they have one; this is indeed a serious "Xtreme Distance Rider" jacket worthy of the name.

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