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We were setting out to do a circle tour of Lake Superior on mc's a few weeks ago, and I had the chance to review the Scorpion EXO-900 transformer Helmet while on my trip. One of the key features that I like about helmets like this is the modular design.
I take a lot of pictures while riding, and I do not want to remove my helmet every-time I need to take a picture. Being able to flip the front portion of the helmet enables you to have frontal protection while riding, but also allows you the freedom to take pictures when you want too.
I liked the air pump system, which totally allowed me to custom fit my helmet to my head. This is a key feature and I would like to see this on other helmets. One of the hardest things I have found, is to find a helmet that fits perfect. I don't care what they say, all helmets are not sized the same. I would purchase this helmet just on this feature alone!
I noticed a fair amount of wind noise with this helmet from around the visor, and also some water leakage when it rained. If you purchase this helmet it will not replace a true full face, but a true full face will not accommodate my riding style either.
While on our trip we encountered fog, and also heavy rains. Not once did my helmet lense fog up, while my riding partners with different manufactures brands of helmets, were constantly fogging!
One of the other cool features is the ability to remove the front portion of the helmet and turn your helmet into a open face helmet. This gives you 2 helmets in one, and can save you some money if you use a full face for mc riding, and an open face for other types of riding.
One other thing I noticed was how large the air vent controls are. If you can't get these air vents open with a pair of gloves on, you shouldn't be riding.
Bottom line is, if you want to get a helmet that will do service as an open face or full face, with the modular capacities, the you need to take a look at what Scorpion has to offer. I have transformed my helmet into the open face configuration and will be using it for UTV riding this summer.

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