News / media / Reviews the VX-24 and XDR Commander Jacket.


/ media / Reviews the VX-24 and XDR Commander Jacket.

I consider myself a serious off-road rider. You're probably one too if you always wear proper riding gear: Helmet, over-the-ankle boots, gloves, goggles and pants and jersey/shirt. Anybody with a true love for the sport knows the importance of wearing items like these. Scorpion Sports is a company that caters to hard-core riders and its line of on- and off-road riding apparel proves it. I recently tested two of Scorpion's EXO products: VX-24 Impact helmet and XDR Commander jacket.

VX-24 Impact Helmet - $139.95

When I first learned of the Scorpion EXO VX-24 helmet with AirFit®, my mind rewound back to 1991 and the National Basketball Association's Slam Dunk Champion Dee Brown. Here's why.
Eighteen years ago Brown put the Reebok Pump shoe in the minds of millions of basketball fans. Before he took off for his signature "no-look" slam, Brown paused on live TV and pumped air into his sneakers via an integrated pump in the shoe's tongue. He then made the dunk and won the contest. It was a dream-come-true for a marketing executive and that subtle act sold a lot of kicks to a lot of b-ballers. I remember saying, "I need those and I'll be dunkin' like Dee!"

I had a chance to try a new blue-and-white Scorpion VX-24 Impact helmet. Although the AirFit® technology is a cool feature, it's not the only highlight of this line of off-road lids. Not only can you tweak the fitment, you also get other key attributes that appeal to dirt riders. For starters, the helmet is both Snell and DOT certified, which means it's put up to strict on- and off-road testing standards. The shell is made of advanced Polycarbonate Composite intended to be both lightweight and tough. The interior liner and cheek pads feature Kwik-wick moisture-wicking fabric. It's removable, washable, and breathable and is designed to keep your head cool and dry in the summer riding season and warm in cool riding conditions. The helmet also has integrated goggle strap grip sections and a rubber nose roost shield offers improved protection. Also, the padded chinstrap has different shaped eyelets, a nylon pull-tab and snap to control extra strap length and Kwikwick® material for added comfort.

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