News / media / Reviews the VX-24 and XDR Commander Jacket.


/ media / Reviews the VX-24 and XDR Commander Jacket.

I consider myself a serious off-road rider. You're probably one too if you always wear proper riding gear: Helmet, over-the-ankle boots, gloves, goggles and pants and jersey/shirt. Anybody with a true love for the sport knows the importance of wearing items like these. Scorpion Sports is a company that caters to hard-core riders and its line of on- and off-road riding apparel proves it. I recently tested two of Scorpion's EXO products: VX-24 Impact helmet and XDR Commander jacket.

I'm not sure I've ever worn a true off-road jacket like the Scorpion XDR Commander. I don't think a team of MIT grads could design a better piece of equipment. Yes, I said equipment. It's more than just a jacket; it's a hardcore accessory. With that being said, die-hards looking for the ultimate riding jacket with a rugged design and all-season construction, look no further.

I was literally blown away when the XDR jacket showed up. It was almost too heavy for an ordinary plastic hanger and made me question its 3-pound weight (as claimed by Scorpion). I knew instantly I'd received a heavy-duty jacket. Of course, with a retail price of $339.95, I should have expected nothing less. I know that's a lot of cash to invest in a jacket - especially these days - but it's worth it. You really get two jackets in one and lots of added comfort and versatility.

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