News / Press / "Mathew Mladin Joins Team Scorpion"

//"My head is in a really good place now." Said Mladin

Team Scorpion

January 24, 2008, Lake Forest, CA - Six-time AMA Superbike Champion, Mat Mladin, recently signed with ScorpionEXO® Helmets for the 2008 season. Scorpion’s Vice President, Eric Anderson, stated "What an honor for such a young company! After a successful 2007 for Scorpion Sports we decided that a racer like Mat would be an excellent fit for our extremely aggressive product development cycle. Mat’s professionalism and dedication to innovation is exactly what our rapidly growing helmet company needs."

ScorpionEXO® is already responsible for bringing affordable EverClear® no-fog shields, KwikWick® moisture wicking liners and quick-change SpeedShift® face shields to the market. The HelmetPump®, an adjustable cheek pad system, is Scorpion’s latest innovation. Sponsored racers, such as Mat Mladin and Larry Pegram, will be coordinating with the development team on more efficient ventilation and temperature control systems in 2008. ScorpionEXO® is constantly developing helmets technologies to enhance performance in both racing and everyday riding applications. Locking shields and racing tear-offs are just around the corner for off-the-shelf ScorpionEXO® products.


Mladin will be wearing the EXO-700 Chameleon Scorpion helmet in Daytona for the first race of the Superbike series, which is already on the shelves of your local ScorpionEXO® dealer. "I am excited to start the year off with a fresh new look," said Mat, "This helmet is incredible. I am very impressed with the quality and I can certainly see that thought has gone into this helmet."