News / Press / "Scorpion-Sponsored LeoVince Foremost Insurance Ducati is Third at Daytona 200"

//"Scorpion-Sponsored Larry Pegram and the New Ducati 848 Deliver in The Bike's Inaugural Race"

Team Scorpion

March 9, 2008, Daytona, FL - UPDATE - Pegram is moved to third on the podium due to the disqualification of Erion Honda rider Josh Hayes gaining larry a few more points toward winning the championship.

March 8, 2008, Daytona, FL - Larry Pegram of the LeoVince Foremost Insurance Team rode a phenomenal race on the new Ducati 848 in the 67th Annual Daytona 200. After a small tire issue on lap four, Pegram rode an amazing 65 laps to finish fourth in the 69 lap race. The Ducati rider even led the race at one point.

Pegram started the race on the third row after qualifying in tenth with a 1:41.003.

This is the second year that Larry Pegram, as team owner, is running the Ducati team and racing for Ducati North America. Last season Larry was on the podium three times with a modified Ducati 749 and close to making the podium two in two other races.

"The Daytona 200 is a race that leaves little room for error, yet lots of things can go wrong. I couldn't be happier with my finish on the brand new Ducati 848. The bike performed extremely well given that we were pressed for time preparing for the race and were not able to get all the development and testing completed that we wanted to," commented Larry.

"This year started out with our sponsors stepping up support for the team, which is always nice. Now finishing in the top five at Daytona just confirms what I thought - we have a team that is going to be fighting for the championship. The new 848 is a bike I can win on. We are in great shape coming out of Daytona in fourth place. Barber Motorsports is a track that will play to the nimble handling of the 848. I am looking forward to that race," added Larry.

Pegram's next race is at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama on April 19, 2008.