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//"More Firsts for Frankie and Stotz Racing"

Team Scorpion

Frank Stotz got his First AMA/Dragbike #1 Qualifier Award when he unleashed a series of unmatched 7.20 passes in Saturdays qualifying session at the Atco, NJ, Orient Express US Nationals Sept. 12-14. Rain cancelled Friday's test and 1st qualifying session. Saturday brought heat and humidity but that didnít stop the Stotz Racing Team from rolling out of the transporter and laying down a 7.26@197. Then in the second round ran a 7.25@199 to back up their new National Record in the 1/8th mile. This was another First for Frankie, but certainly will not be his last. With better air conditions the little CBR1000 could run ProStreets first 7 teen pass.

Saturday nights ProStreet Shootout was wild for all the East coast fans that packed the stands. Frank ran another 7.26@198 while the rest of the field were trying to catch up. The second round brought misfortune for the Stotz Racing Team when the motor dropped a valve and ended their chance at the winner take all $5000. Sunday, Frank had an earned bye run and the new motor bogged of the line. Kent raised the staging light and this time the motor drove thru the clutch while Frank watched his hopes of his First National Win fade away. Three 7.20s and a new National Record are very impressive for this being only the third Pro start for Frankie, but "Stotz Racing won't be satisfied until we get our first win of the 08 season and get the consistency that I know it takes to win another championship" said Kent Stotz.