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TCT-U 3K CARBON SHELL: ScorpionEXO uses a 3K weave specifically because it offers an excellent strength to weight ratio without the rigidity of 8 and 12K weaves. Another advantage is that 3K offers strength in both horizontal and vertical directions as opposed to UD (Uni-Directional) leaves that offer excellent strength but in only 1 “uni” direction. Our 3K weave is also resin-infused “Pre-Preg,” a sophisticated process that places the resin-infused fiber mats in molds at precise temperatures and pressures, this combination results in a lighter, stronger shell that provides superior durability and impact dispersal performance.

TCT® COMPOSITE SHELL: TCT stands for “Thermodynamic Composite Technology”. This is a revolutionary process consisting of a proprietary 5-layer blend of different fibers of specially formulated fiberglass, Aramid and organic poly-resin fibers interlaced together for maximum strength with minimum weight. TCT is a ScopionExo® exclusive.

TCT-ULTRA® PRE-PEG SHELL: Scorpion’s next evolution of TCT fiberglass shell technology. Pre-Preg is a sophisticated process that places pre-infused fiber mats in molds at precise temperatures and pressures, resulting in a lighter, stronger shell that provides superior durability and performance.

EVERCLEAR® NO-FOG FACESHIELD: Shield fogging is a problem of the past! Each Scorpion Exo® faceshield is treated with our exclusive EverClear® no-fog treatment and features a hardened scratch-free surface coating . Combine this with our optically-correct visor design for unmatched vision. EverClear® is also applied to some of our SpeedView® internal sun visors.

SPEEDVIEW® SUNVISOR: SpeedView® is an internal retractable tinted sun-visor that eases eye strain instantly in varying light conditions without changing faceshields. EverClear® coating is applied to both sides for a fog-free ride.

KWIKWICK® III LINER FABRIC: The next evolution of ScorpionEXO® KwikWick® has arrived! KwikWick® III features a more durable, yet soft and supple hypo-allergenic material combined with even more advanced moisture wicking properties that feels cooler to the touch, especially when sweating.

KWIKWICK® C LINER FABRIC: KwikWick® C keeps you cool and dry in warm weather and warm in cool weather. The liner is easily removable and washable.

KWIKWICK® II LINER FABRIC: Removable and washable liners maintain the superior moisture-wicking qualities of its predecessor. New features include softer touch, hypo allergenic fabric.

AIRFIT® CHEEKPAD INFLATION SYSTEM: ScorpionEXO revolutionized the helmet market with the introduction of our AirFit® cheek pad inflation system. Riders have differently shaped cheek bones. Using the inflation ball, you can achieve a snugger fit with fewer pressure points, so the helmet vibrates and lifts less at higher speeds. Developed for the everyday rider but requested and used by world class MotoGP™ racers.

KWIKFIT®: KwikFit® cheek pads have a pre cut channel to allow the user to put their glasses on and off while wearing the helmet and increases comfort.

EMERGENCE RELEASE CHEEK PADS: Quick-release cheek pad pulls for EMT medical personnel in case of emergency.

COMM-READY: Integrated speaker pockets built into the cheek pads to accommodate BlueTooth® communication system speakers.

ELLIP-TEC™ RATCHET SYSTEM: MotoGP™ developed; Scorpion’s ratchet system requires only one hand and uses an elliptical cam mechanism creating 7.6mm of horizontal travel, which positively locks the shield securely against the eye port ensuring an air tight seal resulting in a quieter helmet. The Ellip-Tec™ ratchet system is 100% tool-less, changing in seconds.

ELLIP-TEC® II RATCHET SYSTEM: The next evolution of our innovative Ellip-Tec™ Ratchet System now features a latching shield locking mechanism to provide an even tighter seal against the gasket.

EXOLON® SHATTER RESISTANT VISOR: Scorpion’s Exolon® shatter-resistant visor is designed to do much more than just block blinding sun and oncoming roost. The Aero-tuned visor reduces drag and maximizes air flow while the pliable, advanced polymer material holds its shape and is shatter-resistant.

R1-650-02Standard+ 5mm (Thicker)+ 10mm (Thicker)
R1-650-03- 5mm (Thinner)Standard+ 5mm (Thicker)
R1-650-04- 10mm (Thinner)- 5mm (Thinner)Standard
R1-650-14- 15mm (Thinner)- 10mm (Thinner)- 5mm (Thinner)
R1-650-15- 5mm (Thinner)
R1-650-06Standard+ 5mm (Thicker)+ 10mm (Thicker)
R1-650-07- 5mm (Thinner)Standard+ 5mm (Thicker)
R1-650-08- 10mm (Thinner)- 5mm (Thinner)Standard

Optional cheek pads are available for all EXO-R1 Air helmets (CARBON and TCT-ULTRA)